The Quilt Life

Once again, I’m shamelessly lifting the title of this post from the topic about which I’m writing:  The Quilt Life magazine has just published an article about our quilt in their December issue!   Journalist Meg Cox, who also happens to be the president of the Quilt Alliance, interviewed me and my aunt and used several of our photos.  As you’ll remember from the previous post, Meg and I finally met at the Quilt Alliance’s event in NYC, Quilters Take Manhattan.  It’s pretty amazing and I hope you all get a chance to see a copy.  The cover of the issue looks like this:

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  1. Hilory Boucher says:

    Deborah: I’m looking forward to picking up my copy tomorrow before I head up to the American Folk Art Museum where I have become a regular volunteer since the “Red and White” show. Thanks for sharing!–Hilory

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