Quilters Take Manhattan!

Gosh, I didn’t even need to come up with a fun title for this post, because the Quilt Alliance did it for me!  Today was a great afternoon at FIT, with Meg Cox interviewing quilter Denyse Schmidt, followed by a chat with Jennifer Chiaverini, author of the Elm Creek Quilt novels.

Andrea and I met up beforehand, and were pleased to find that Diane King was already there!  Armed with tea, coffee, and goodie bags, we settled in for Meg and Denyse’s chat, a Q.S.O.S. which will be archived.  It was truly engaging, as Denyse is very eloquent in describing how her many life experiences have shaped her singular aesthetic.

Also on display were all the quilts from Denyse’s new book, which features modern quilt designs inspired by traditional motifs.  In addition, the Quilt Alliance displayed entries from its annual miniature quilt competition.

Journalist Meg Cox has written a piece on our Infinite Gratitude quilt that will appear in the December issue of The Quilt Life magazine, so it was especially fun meeting her in person!

Here are some of my personal favorites from the miniature “home” quilt entries:

To wrap up the day, our DHs joined us for a delicious dinner in Chelsea.  Off to bed, hoping to sleep late on Sunday!

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