Specs & Details

So, I thought it would be fun/helpful to review our initial brief instructions for contributing to the quilt, and what we learned in the end about our choices:

What We Said Initially:  “Please, please leave at least 1/2″ seam allowance on any block, to make assembly easier.  If foundation (paper) piecing, please leave the paper on!”

What We Learned:  If there were a single cardinal rule to Dear Jane quiltmaking success, it would be LEAVE AT LEAST 1/2″ SEAM ALLOWANCE ON ALL FOUR SIDES!!  (I really need a t-shirt or even a forehead tattoo of these words, so as to constantly remind the world of this life-enhancing knowledge)  Leaving the paper on the foundation blocks wasn’t nearly as important as the extra fabric on the edges.

What We Said Initially: “The red we are using is Kona Cotton solid in Rich Red (Robt. Kaufman Fabrics).The white we are using is Kona Cotton solid in PFD Bleach White (Robt Kaufman Fabrics).  However, any red or white close to these fabrics is welcome and appreciated.  Please test red fabrics for colorfastness.”

What We Learned:  Kona Rich Red is really hard to handquilt and, to a lesser extent, for piecing and applique.  The Kona PFD White was better, but although we loved the saturated colors, the small scale of Dear Jane quilting benefits from a lighter weight fabric.  Also, today’s red fabrics are NOT Turkey Red, insofar as they are not necessarily colorfast.  It is wise to do everything you can to remove excess dye before quilting.  Batiks seem to be a good bet for colorfastness, but remember the denser weave makes them harder to handquilt.

What We Said Initially: “Finished is better than perfect!”  (which is the worldwide Dear Jane motto)

What We Learned:  Yes, yes, it is.

Please contact me at dsbingham@gmail.com if you have any questions!