Block Update, Sunday, July 17th

As of Friday evening, we have 19 new blocks, for a total of 58 finished, with 52 more in the works!  So far we have 25 quilters contributing, with three more having joined just this week.  I’ve updated the list and layout pages (which you can reach with the header tabs above).  Here are the newest blocks:

Diane King: K-12, K-13, L-1, L-3, L-4

Judy Doenias: A-5

Judy Stadler:  A-7, E-1, M-12

Ina Braun: M-10

Jayne Chin: I-3

Leslie Shaw: I-2

Deborah Bingham: A-12, D-12, F-4, F-11, L-7, L-8, L-11

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