End of August Update

Thank you to everyone who sent in their blocks by the end of August “deadline”.  Thanks also to those of you are still working on yours – those who offered to make a few more, or originally signed up for so many that it’s taking a little longer – every stitch is appreciated.   Indeed, there are still a few more blocks to do, so I’ve added a “Blocks Still Open” category to the Blocks Status List above, which should make it easier to identify those blocks.

Here are the lovely contributions that we got last Friday, and there are just as many more coming this week!   Thanks to: Mary Cargill (J-3, J-9, L-9),  Judy Doenias (A-11, E-9, L-6, M-9), Shazzi Felstein (J-6, K-3), Beverly Higgins (F-1), and Diane Rode Schneck (B-12, D-13, F-12, G-1, M-6).  Make sure to check out the redwork embroidery that Diane added to B-13 and M-6: we were trying to figure out how to incorporate redwork, since the Infinite Variety show had so much, but it wasn’t part of Jane Stickle’s quilt.  Aren’t they stunning?!

It will be hard for me to do weekly updates in September, because the school year is beginning and I’m both a mom and a teacher.  Also, my own mom is turning 75 this month, and guess who’s in charge of the party?  It’ll be a bit chaotic chez nous until after the 25th, so please forgive me if return emails are slow.

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