Well, Row A is sewn together and there are only four blocks left on the “open” list!   I picked up a whole bunch of blocks at CQ last night, which are  photographed below.  A huge thank you to everyone who’s offered to do blocks in the past few days – Barbara, Diane, Doreen, Judy, Renee.

I’ll bring all the blocks (and rows sewn together!!) to class on Monday night and probably Friday night, too.  We’ll take a progress picture with everything up on The Wall!

The following beautiful blocks are by: Judy Deonias (M-3, L-10, E-6),  Andrea Murray (K-11, M-1) Judy Stadler (D-11), and me (D-4).  Finally, Diane RS added some great redwork embroidery to the center square of D-13:  a very thematic needle- and- spool-of-thread!

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