We had such fun today!  First Mary Cargill and Diane Rode Schneck came over.   Then my mom, Nell Semel (with whom I have done every quilt I’ve ever finished) and Renee Fields stopped by and added several hours of stitching.  Andrea Murray and Barbara Sloane joined us later, and between the seven of us, we got  quite a bit of quilting done!  Still, there is plenty more to do, so we are going to quilt again next Saturday, and hope you can join us at some point.   We’d love you to add a few stitches to the assembled quilt, which has a communal feeling quite different from that of piecing or appliqueing a block.  Even if you only have a half hour to stop by and do a tiny bit, we’d love to have you join us.  If Saturday isn’t convenient, let me know if there is an evening this week that would work.

This is Diane’s lovely redwork embroidery on the bottom righthand kite.

Just in case you are wondering if this is The-Project-That-Will-Never-End, we’re hoping to have this finished by the end of next weekend.   Perhaps the hand-sewing of the binding will take another day or so beyond that, but we are wrapping it up in the immediate-near-future and will email you soon with plans for a culminating celebration!

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