The Big Day

So yesterday, on Saturday, thirteen of us gathered at my house at 3:30 for one last look before the big reveal.  We folded it and put it in the bedroom so as to have a chance to tell the story before unveiling it.

My aunt and uncle joined us at 4:00, along with my parents and immediate family.  We all watched a slideshow of highlights from Infinite Variety, the show that started it all.

When it was finished, we told them that our thought process went something like “So what can you make for someone who has 650 different red and white quilts?” and that we, as quilters, knew of a quilt design that definitely was NOT in the show:  A Dear Jane quilt.  Judy and Diane gave a quick recap of the Jane Stickle quilt’s history, and Brenda’s creation of the book, and how it has become something of a cult project in quilting today.   Before unfolding the quilt, we showed them the label, explaining that 35 of us had contributed and how we’d managed to keep it a surprise these past 9 months.

It became apparent, after a few minutes, that they hadn’t really understood that we were giving it to them.  For keeps.   We said again, yes, we made this for you.  They thanked us over and over, but we just kept saying we made the quilt to thank them.  We said that, for our part, we get to keep the experience and memories of having done it together.

My brother took group pictures and then we all sat and talked for quite a while, my aunt telling stories about everything from quilts to the time she gave my father a really “memorable” haircut when they were little.

I wish each and every one of you could have been there, but you were all with us in our hearts.  Working with all of you has meant so much, and has been such tremendous fun!

It’s been an exciting nine months (a childbirth analogy is entirely appropriate) and even though the quilt is finished and given, it seems the story is just beginning!  Lots of fun to come and please remember: we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you.   As my second graders say, “Thank you times googleplex!”

xoxoxo always, Deborah

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