The Learning Curve: New Blocks Week of August 7th

Whew – I have never done so many Dear Jane blocks in one season and it’s amazing how much I’m learning by pushing myself to figure them out, one after another.  They’re like little puzzles, and much more satisfying than sudoku or anagrams.  However, I’m still tiptoeing around the ones that require hand-piecing.  Does anyone have a magic potion to make me fall in love with hand-piecing?  If I can find a way to applique or paper-piece a block, I always take that route — although C-7 nearly did me in.

Thanks so much to Mary Cargill for another four exquisite blocks!  A-3, A-8, B-2, and B-3.

Looking forward to next week:  I’ll bring all the blocks I have to Monday’s evening class this month, and the Friday classes if I can swing it.

I’m also updating the Finished & Pending  and Quilt Layout pages tonight, so you can see how much we have done!!

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