100 Blocks!!

As of Monday night, we hit exactly 100 blocks finished so far!  Thank you, Betty, Joan, Maureen, Doreen, and Andrea, for these gorgeous new additions!  There are 30 left on the Pending list, which leaves a difference of only 39 to complete the entire set of center blocks.  I’m updating the Finished & Pending lists right now, so if you’d like to do another, please let me know!

Betty Chen: K-7

Joan Goodsell: B-5, D-6, G-12, H-4, H-13, J-12

Maureen Hyslop: E-10, J-7, K-2

Doreen Mangan: A-6, B-1, C-9

Andrea Murray: I-8, J-2, J-4

Me:  E-7, F-7, G-5,  H-5, H-7, I-4, M-11


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