Even more blocks!

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted block arrivals, and in the meantime have received a whole bunch, which I’ve been inserting in the assembled rows.  We’re up to the last row in terms of adding sashing and piecing together, after which I just have to sew the rows to each other to finish the center section.

As mentioned previously, the plan is to do solid red and white triangles with the corner kites pieced/appliqued.  So here’s a special request: if you used fabric other than the Kona Rich Red and PDF White when making your block(s), it would be nice to also incorporate it into the triangles.  So if you have leftover fabric and can mail me one or two 7″ x 10″ piece(s), I will do my best to work it in.   I have no idea how it will look, but suspect it will enhance the overall look of the quilt.

So here are the latest blocks!  Make sure to also check out the Quilt Layout Chart (see tab above), because it’s almost all filled in.

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Progress to Date!!

So, we put all the blocks we have so far up on the wall at CQ, and here’s what it looked like at 6:45 this evening:

Aren’t everyone’s blocks stunning? (If you click on the picture, you should be able to see it a bit bigger).

Rows A-H are sewn together, with spaces left for a few soon-to-come blocks.  I got five more blocks this evening, and will post photos of them over the weekend.  Hoping to get another few rows sewn up this weekend and maybe the rest done by end of the week.   For those of you still working on a block or two, please please please let me know if I can pick them up from you or at City Quilter in the coming week.

Will be at the Empire Quilters guild meeting tomorrow afternoon to see the red-and-white challenge project (how could one miss it?).  My first guild meeting ever (shameful, but true) and I’m looking forward to it.

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Yes, We Have A Mascot!

Diane gave me this totally adorable, teeny, red & white chicken pincushion this afternoon.  I am just IN LOVE.  By the time I got home, after a nice chatty subway ride with Diane, I knew that she simply had to be our project mascot!   Her name is Semper Tedium, because, well, just because.

Very exciting news of the evening:  All the blocks are now spoken for!!!!  Newcomer Samantha Rowan grabbed the last block (H-8, Eaton’s Crossroads).  Thank you so, so much, Samantha! 

We are also hoping to do the four corner kites, although I’m a few weeks away from needing them.  The plan is for the outside triangles to be solid red and white, with the corner kites being pieced/appliqued according to the original design.   So, if you’re interested in doing one, please let me know – but also know that I won’t need them until early November.

In the meantime, I’m piecing rows as fast as I can, and looking forward to getting the last blocks from those who are still working on them.  I’ll be at the evening DJ class on Friday, so if you drop off blocks before then, it would be great.

xoxoxoxoxo Deborah

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Well, Row A is sewn together and there are only four blocks left on the “open” list!   I picked up a whole bunch of blocks at CQ last night, which are  photographed below.  A huge thank you to everyone who’s offered to do blocks in the past few days – Barbara, Diane, Doreen, Judy, Renee.

I’ll bring all the blocks (and rows sewn together!!) to class on Monday night and probably Friday night, too.  We’ll take a progress picture with everything up on The Wall!

The following beautiful blocks are by: Judy Deonias (M-3, L-10, E-6),  Andrea Murray (K-11, M-1) Judy Stadler (D-11), and me (D-4).  Finally, Diane RS added some great redwork embroidery to the center square of D-13:  a very thematic needle- and- spool-of-thread!

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The *Block Status List* and the Quilt Layout Chart are updated as of today.  There are a few blocks I need to photograph tomorrow and will post those before Monday.  If you have a block still on the Pending List, but you’ve left it for me at CQ or sent it in the mail, it simply means I haven’t gotten it yet.  The past three weeks have been i-n-s-a-n-e on my home/work front, but it’s all over now.

I’m beginning to piece together Row A tomorrow, and hope to have a photo for you by dinnertime!  Fingers crossed.

Thank you again to everyone who has taken on more blocks!!!   xoxo, D.

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Just wait ’til you see how close we are!

We got 17 more blocks on Monday evening!

Thank you to Nancy Rabatin (A-4, D-5, E-12, G-9, H-10), Judy Doenias (C-10, K-1), Maureen Hyslop (C-12, I-1,), Hilory Boucher (G-13), Lisette Reisman (H-1), Andrea Murray (D-9, E-8, K-8), Helma Reid (H-3), and Diane Rode Schneck (H-9, L-5) for these beautiful additions.  Thank you also to Judy Stadler, Doreen Mangan, and Hilory Boucher for signing up for more!

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Best laid plans…

So I promised a blog update tonight.  I photographed, cropped, and uploaded pics of 17 new squares.  But now I’m nodding off over my keyboard.  Not a good thing when you’re tracking this many squares!  So I”m off to bed and will finish the post in the morning.

Have a peaceful night!

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End of August Update

Thank you to everyone who sent in their blocks by the end of August “deadline”.  Thanks also to those of you are still working on yours – those who offered to make a few more, or originally signed up for so many that it’s taking a little longer – every stitch is appreciated.   Indeed, there are still a few more blocks to do, so I’ve added a “Blocks Still Open” category to the Blocks Status List above, which should make it easier to identify those blocks.

Here are the lovely contributions that we got last Friday, and there are just as many more coming this week!   Thanks to: Mary Cargill (J-3, J-9, L-9),  Judy Doenias (A-11, E-9, L-6, M-9), Shazzi Felstein (J-6, K-3), Beverly Higgins (F-1), and Diane Rode Schneck (B-12, D-13, F-12, G-1, M-6).  Make sure to check out the redwork embroidery that Diane added to B-13 and M-6: we were trying to figure out how to incorporate redwork, since the Infinite Variety show had so much, but it wasn’t part of Jane Stickle’s quilt.  Aren’t they stunning?!

It will be hard for me to do weekly updates in September, because the school year is beginning and I’m both a mom and a teacher.  Also, my own mom is turning 75 this month, and guess who’s in charge of the party?  It’ll be a bit chaotic chez nous until after the 25th, so please forgive me if return emails are slow.

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…and 6 more!

Friday’s class day brought six more blocks, for a total so far of 106!   Gorgeous contributions from Lisette Reisman (D-7), Hilory Boucher-Carlin (C-13), Rochelle Sandler (A-9 & B-10), and Diane Rode Schneck (C-5):

We’ve also had several offers to make more blocks – thank you so, so much Mary Cargill, Andrea Murray, Lisette Reisman, Diane Rode Schneck, Marybeth Christiansen, and Mary Jo Koehler.   We’re getting really close!

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100 Blocks!!

As of Monday night, we hit exactly 100 blocks finished so far!  Thank you, Betty, Joan, Maureen, Doreen, and Andrea, for these gorgeous new additions!  There are 30 left on the Pending list, which leaves a difference of only 39 to complete the entire set of center blocks.  I’m updating the Finished & Pending lists right now, so if you’d like to do another, please let me know!

Betty Chen: K-7

Joan Goodsell: B-5, D-6, G-12, H-4, H-13, J-12

Maureen Hyslop: E-10, J-7, K-2

Doreen Mangan: A-6, B-1, C-9

Andrea Murray: I-8, J-2, J-4

Me:  E-7, F-7, G-5,  H-5, H-7, I-4, M-11


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