Basting, basting, basting…

But not a turkey!  Happily, my lovely neighbor, Roz, brought me leftovers from her son and daughter-in-law’s feast.  Totally delicious, gluten-free, and way easier than making a Thanksgiving meal for myself.

So, the layers are almost entirely basted.  My knees need a break, so I’ll do a few more rows in the morning.

Here’s the incredible news:  the printed fabric that I bought for the backing actually made a panel big enough for the whole thing.  We were pretty sure the length left on the bolt at CQ wouldn’t suffice, and I’d have to piece in some other fabric to compensate.  Was kind of dreading having to figure that one out, but lo, I ended up with exactly 1.5 inches extra fabric on all four sides!

Holy cow, someone up there really likes me this weekend.

The batting is Thermore, in case you were wondering.  I’ve used it for the past few quilts, so I went with the familiar and predictable.  Predictable is important when operating on such a tight schedule.

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The Corner Kites, up close

I haven’t done a post with the kites up close yet, so here they are.   You  may click the photos to see them larger.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Here we are, all sewn together:

You may be able to see that I haven’t sewn in the lower right kite (in the top left of this picture) because Diane and I are still working on the redwork embroidery.  We’re thinking “With Infinite Gratitude, 2011” will be nice and will echo the Infinite Variety exhibit title.

The backing fabric is just out of the dryer and will be pressed and sewn up in no time.  It looks like this:


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So far…

Am just starting to attach the borders/kites.  Here are the elements laid out next to each other on the floor:




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Welcome to My Table

Dining room table, that is:

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Quilt top done, except for the kites and triangles.  Here it is, held up by two mysterious men (whose bedhead and sleepy faces were not ready for their close-up).  I’m bringing it to DJ class tomorrow night and, hopefully, Friday night, too.  See you soon!

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Even more blocks!

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted block arrivals, and in the meantime have received a whole bunch, which I’ve been inserting in the assembled rows.  We’re up to the last row in terms of adding sashing and piecing together, after which I just have to sew the rows to each other to finish the center section.

As mentioned previously, the plan is to do solid red and white triangles with the corner kites pieced/appliqued.  So here’s a special request: if you used fabric other than the Kona Rich Red and PDF White when making your block(s), it would be nice to also incorporate it into the triangles.  So if you have leftover fabric and can mail me one or two 7″ x 10″ piece(s), I will do my best to work it in.   I have no idea how it will look, but suspect it will enhance the overall look of the quilt.

So here are the latest blocks!  Make sure to also check out the Quilt Layout Chart (see tab above), because it’s almost all filled in.

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